Pink cat

Das Wetter ist wunderbar, die Sonne scheint und man mag gar nicht in der Wohnung sitzen. So geht es auch dem Kater. Ein kleiner Spaziergang im Park tut ihm gut. Der Sonnenschein bessert nicht nur Menschen – sondern auch Katerlaune.  Und schont die Menschennerven, denn für eine Weilchen angenehme Stille in der Wohnung: verstummt ist das Futterklagelied.

The weather is fantastic, sun shines and we like to avoid the inside of the appartement. Same with the cat. A little walk in the garden does him a lot of good. Sunshine has a woonderful effect not only on the mood of the people but as well on the cat’s mood. And there is the wonderful calmness when he is off: no cat noisily complaining about insufficiant food.



3 Kommentare zu “Pink cat

  1. En français on dit “ il faut appeler un chat un chat“
    Est-ce que ça existe en anglais et /ou en allemand pour dire qu’il ne faut pas hésiter à nommer avec précision les choses qui fâchent. Je me demande si un chat rose adoucirait les mots. Autrement je ne vois pas l’utilité de teindre cette pauvre bête;,
    In French theres‘ a saying“you have to name a cat a cat“I wonder if something like that exists in English or German meaning that when something is annoying it is better to say it using the right word.
    May be a pink cat might soften the saying , otherwise I see no use to dye this pour animal

  2. Dear Suzel, thank you for your kind comment. You know, the cat is black and black is beautiful and more black and even more black may become a bit enoying after a while. So I took advantage of the freedom of the artist to paint the world (in this case the cat) in full harmonie with my inner image! Maybe sometimes pink will soften the beast in him, who knows?

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